[Wz, Editing The Finale]

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[Wz, Editing The Finale]

Post  Turtle on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:31 pm

The point of WZ editting:

Around about a year ago, programs were released to edit parts of the maple story client.
Only a few people had access to those programs and were trusted to keep it to them selves to produce hacks and exploits to be released to public.
Unfortunately someone released one of the programs, this release meant that copies to could be made and it became popular. This was when there was a massive explosion of hackers in maple story, those who played GMS will remember the days when maple story was literaly overrun by hackers.
One of them was me :D. To fix this problem Nexon shut down alot of sites that released the programs and they became very rare to find.
A handful of people were fined and sued for the produdcing and releasing of the programs. One was sued $200,000 for the creation of such programs.
But never the less these programs were nearly wiped out. Recently someone, re-released HaRepacker. That is why over the last month there has been a boom int he amount of people owning ha-repacker and learning to wz.edit.

Unfortunately this serves as a threat to the server. Therefore, we are going to have to limit the use of wz.edits.

-The important bit-
Unfortunately we are from here on, we are forbidding use of wz.edits in WillMS. People who are found to be using wz.edits that have not been approved by WillMS staff or released by the WillMS team will be permanently banned. Discussion of WzEditing on the forums from now in is also forbidden. All New discussions opened after the 20th September 2009 Will be closed and the topic starter warned. 3 Warnings and you are out.

I know alot of people wz.edit for fun, because we like seeing things that we have made or edited in the game. Its the same for me, i love ediiting wz.s for that very reason. However i still know many ways to use wz editing against the server, and im sure it isnt that hard for people to figure it out soon. That is the reason this has been written up. There will not be a discussion on this topic because this is final.


[#]People found to be using wz edits other than those released or accepted by the willms team will be banned
[#]Discussion of wz ediiting in the forums is forbidden.
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Re: [Wz, Editing The Finale]

Post  AirStrike on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:33 pm

Approved by Airstrike and the Staff

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Re: [Wz, Editing The Finale]

Post  Settler11 on Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:34 pm


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Re: [Wz, Editing The Finale]

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