Want to donate? Read this first!

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Want to donate? Read this first!

Post  Settler11 on Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:51 pm

So you want to donate? But before you are going to take actions take a good read at this:

When you donate to the server, you automatically agree on the following :
  1. You have no right whatsoever to refund any transaction donated. It is a non-profit donation, not a purchase.
  2. All gifts given for donating are "thank you" gifts for the donation.
  3. Donations are and will only be used for server fees.
  4. You donate out of free will.
  5. The Admin reserves the right to deny your donation for any reason.


1.$5,- Name change + any symbols you like.
2.$5,- 40 slimes.
3.$10,- 100 slimes.
4.$20,- 250 slimes.
5.$30,- 300 slimes + 30Watk Ice Snow Flower Ring.
6.$30,- 150 slimes + Trophy.
7.$40,- FBI Status*
8.$50,- 600 slimes + 2 Trophy's
9.$60,- 800 slimes + 1 MSI of choice
10.$60,- 2 MSI items of choice
11.$70,- GM-Donator**
12.$80,- GM-Donator** + 2 MSI items
13.$90,- + GM***

*FBI Status.
You will be taken as a small GM and you will gain 15 GM commands.
Note that: Donator-GM and normal GM got much more commands and much more possibilities.

A GM but with much more then a FBI-agent. In total you will obtain more then 100+ commands. You aren't allowed to host events yourself but you always can support a GM with it.

The usual GM. Nothing more to say.

If you donate $10,-or more, you also will obtain a special rank on the forum.

What do I do after donating?
First you click here: PM Will. or click on the PM button below my account info on the left.
Send me a message with the following things:
  • Your charactername.
  • A screenshot of your donation.
  • How much you donated.
  • What reward you want.

IGN: Will
How much you donated: I donated 30 dollar.
What reward do you want: Reward Nr. 3 + 4.

If you decided to donate, click on the button below:

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