A song that makes you LITERALLY high.

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A song that makes you LITERALLY high. Empty A song that makes you LITERALLY high.

Post  Grand Fonic Hymn on Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:24 pm

1) get a headset.
2) make sure your room is as dark as possible.
3) close your eyes also lay down and be patient.

Antidepressant (Moderate)
5 Minutes

The science behind it.
Binaural brainwaves are created by a small difference in frequenty between the sound in your left ear and the sound in your right ear. E.g: your left ear receives a 500 Hertz frequenty and your right ear receives a 510 Hertz frequenty. This way there will be a 10 hertz subtone, which u can't hear (we can only hear sounds between 20 and 20.000 Hertz). This subtone somehow makes your body produce chemicals similar to those created when drugs are used. This way you can feel a feeling similar to the feeling you get when you use the actual drug. I don't own this music and did not create it, therefore all credit goes to I-Doser. Please enjoy!