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Post  Grand Fonic Hymn on Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:21 am

Very large spoiler ( I've been meaning to post this for a while. I quit this ages ago btw )
S.U.N ( Soul of the ultimate Nation ) is a nicely done high graphical mmorpg, it combines the typical "Half Naked Girl Character" from World of Warcraft, though it shows similarity to WOW, it is a more matured game. Its very easy to lvl up, and the game has a unique storyline. The game has one of the best graphics a mmorpg has ever seen, sadly its 2.3 GB to download. guaranteed to keep you playing for 3 weeks, then you get bored.


This is an introduction of the game Soul of the Ultimate Nation and is brought to you by Chihakuryu. A lot of this content has been tranlsated from Japanese and therefore some parts may sounds strange. In the case of wrong English or errors please let me know so I can fix them. Thank you very much and enjoy the guide ^.^

Table of Contents

History ----> Post 1
Battle Zone System ----> Post 1
Character Classes ----> Post 1

Maps ----> Post 2
Money System ----> Post 2
Guilds ----> Post 2
History of The Geist Empire ----> Post 2
Music ----> Post 2
System Requirements ----> Post 2
F.A.Q. ----> Post 2
Useful Links to Other Guides/Threads ----> Post 2
Credits/Special Thanks ----> Post 2


Soul of the Ultimate Nation (often abbreviated as S.U.N.) is a fantasy-based massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced by Webzen, a Korean-based company. The game has already been currently released in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China and will soon be fully available for NA soon at ijji.

Like some other MMORPGs, S.U.N. utilizes the "hack and slash" way. Players are part of a rebel group known as "The Guidance". Items can be strengthened and upgraded throughout the game play of SUN. For large-scale combat such as siege warfare, Soul of the Ultimate Nation utilizes a combat map with partitions that divides players into multiple fields each containing 20-40 characters; the outcome each battle having direct affects on the combat occurring on other fields. SUN also allows players to strategically set the stage for battles by choosing different types of maps, entry numbers, degrees of difficulty and types of monsters for a customized game play experience. SUN has three types of specified maps using a zone map system. Players start the game in a city and have to create zones to play the game. In terms of maps, the mission maps are the primary places where players can solve missions. The hunting maps are for tracking down monsters to level up characters, gather items and acquire in-game money. The quest maps are used to fulfill quests and to help users better understand the overall scenario of the game.

SUN: E3 Interview with ijji

SUN - ijji - PV

Battle Zone System

Under the Battle Zone System, players can create "rooms" for battles, be it against monsters or other players. Players will have to talk with a specific non-player-character, (also called NPC's) in each town to create such rooms. They can select different types of maps, set the entry numbers, degree of difficulty and types of monsters within the map. For a players vs. monsters map, players will form a party and usually have to proceed through the map to complete certain map objectives, such as killing the boss monster. At the end of the stage, experience and loot are shared among the participants.

More quests and missions will be added to S.U.N. to continue the ongoing story. Additionally, when a mission is near completion, tips will appear for readers to unlock hidden missions.
Battle Zones System

There are 4 types of battle zones in which you can use. To join, you can either join one that someone else made or just make your own.

• Battlezone Missons
This is a zone in which is specifically for quests. A leader gathers people together, and as a group go on a mission. Missions are done in the above mentioned maps, and depending on the number of people in the group, the strength of the boss also changes. However, some missions you also have the chance to solo if you wish.

• Hunting Battle Zone
This is a battlezone meant for leveling up and gathering items.

• Event Map
Variety of different events is hosted in this mode. Each map is preset with certain goals users must achieve. Upon completion users will receive very valuable reward.

• PvP Battlezone
A place to play other players where the winner gets the rewards ^.^

Character Classes

Like Webzen's highly successful MMORPG, MU Online, players have a selection of five different characters: Dragon Knight, Berserker, Valkyrie, Elementalist and Shadow (which won’t be available until ijji releases the full open SUN). The character's height and hairstyles/colors/face may be modified to the player's liking, unfortunately the characters are also gender locked.

• Dragon Knight

- A Knight who uses swords and spears. There are two different builds of the Dragon Knight: Dragon and Battle. These warriors are similar to Berserkers, but have much more attack speed.

Party's supportive tanker with high strength and speed.

Starting Village : Welthen

Combat Characteristics

- Values honor and dignity
- Splendid and skillful sword arts
- Practical, single blow to attack enemies
- True power of the Dragons

Members of the House of the Old Dragons

House of the Old Dragons is a organization of which the members consist of the Old Dragons who are the conscript fathers of the Dragons. Except for the Senator, all members are of equal status, and their gatherings are held at the massive temple in the Valley of the Dragons. Currently the wasteland that the Dragons are residing is a place where communication with or moving back and forth between the external world is blocked by the spells cast by the evil tribes. However, the conscript fathers sometimes put a hole in the block, communicate with the outside or help dragon knights to escape. Most dragon knights who escape from the wasteland join the revolution force except for a few of them who are quite old and retired and work at the cities and villages as shopkeepers or messengers. Dragon knights frequently receive special assignments from such messengers.


- Strengthened Combat
Uses strengthening buffering magic for friendly forces.

- Cursing Dragonic
Uses cursing magic against the enemies.

- Stat Type Normal
Does not have special skills but has strong short range attack damage.

Initial Stats

Strength 23
Speed 16
Endurance 23
Wisdom 6
Spirit 12
Combat 0
Dragonic 0

• Berserker

- He is skilled in melee range attack. He can use swords or axes. Additionally, he is capable of using all kinds of swords. If necessary, he can go into a crazy state to cause more damage, but this will expose him to lethal danger.

Starting Village : Tringel

Combat Characteristics

- Strong destructive power
- Short range attack warrior
- Swords man beyond human power
- Can command ultimate sword techniques, but sometimes runs reckless and endangers the party.

Member of the Mercenary Union

Most Berserkers are warriors who do not have any connections. They do not know about their bloodline and past and have begun their fights in the battle field to make their livings.
For them the only connection is the Mercenary Union. Gaining recognition as great warriors, they hear about the revolution forces and decide to join them. The Mercenary Union still frequently calls him for duties other than those as members of the revolution forces.


-Defensive Defender
As vanguard of the party, defender Berserkers draws the enemies' attention and secures stable damages to the enemies.

-Offensive Berserk
Leads the party with powerful damage skills and stable defense techniques.

-Stat type Normal
Able to wear high stat equipments from low character level status > high armor defense, and weapon damage.

Initial Stats

• Valkyrie

- She can use two small crossbows simultaneously, or a large one. She is also skilled in swordplay and many other kinds of combat skills, having a perfect command of range
and melee attack.

Starting Village : Welthen

Combat Characteristics

- Expertise in archery
- Also has various combat skills including sword techniques and can summon pets
- Both long and short range attack skills

Members of the Clan

In the early days of the establishment of the Empire, there was a dragon hunting of a gigantic scale. During those days, large numbers of the Dragons moved to the West of the continent to escape from the evil tribe's persecution. Engulfed by the conflict between the Dragons and the evil tribe, Valkyries who lived near the Dragons also had to move to the West.
After moving to the west, the Valkyries formed the Clan to restore the tribe's power and to secure protection.

The Valkyries who were the first to join the revolution forces were extremely hostile to dragon knights who joined the revolution forces later. Such hostility is oppressed for achieving the common goal of defeating the Empire, however, one can never be assured when the conflict between them would protrude.


- Attacking Offensive
Splendid and strong skill damages.

- Summon
Stable hunting with pets and effective buff skills.

- Stat Type Normal

Able to wear high stat equipments from low character level status > Effective normal attack techniques.

Initial Stats

Strength 16
Speed 23
Endurance 15
Wisdom 7
Spirit 19
Combat 0
Dragonic 0

• Elementalist

- She uses a variety of long and short ranged magical attacks. She can also use the staff to attack her enemies, although this is far weaker than her magic attacks.

Starting Village : Tringel

Combat Characteristics

- Chief mage of the Revolution Forces
- Offensive and healing spell-casters during battle
- Manna is easily drained, therefore requires equipments to enhance magical power

Members of the Magic Laboratory

The royal mages of Altheim were divided into to factions of the Circle and Ether, depending on how they understood and used magic. After the break of war between Roshufelt and Altheim, these two groups supported different sides to prove their magic's superiority. However, towards the end of the war, both sides were wretchedly defeated by the evil tribe.

In order to fight against the evil tribe's mages, they united as the Magic Laboratory and put forth their energy to train masters of the four elements magic of humans. Young girls with good mage's disposition were carefully assorted and were isolated for focusing on studying the magic. After the formation of the Revolution Forces by Igness, the Magic Laboratory dispatched these young Elementalists to the Revolution Forces. Besides fighting against the Empire troops, they also collect ancient documents and artifacts as ordered by the Magic Laboratory.


- Offensive Ether
Splendid and strong fast spells to attack enemies.

- Healing Circle
Various and strong buff spells to increase party members' abilities and to heal and revive friendly forces.

Initial Stats

Strength 8
Speed 12
Endurance 13
Wisdom 25
Spirit 22
Combat 0
Dragonic 0


• Tutorial Map
Right after you make a character, a notice will pop up asking you if you would like to go to the tutorial map or not. If you click “yes” then you will automatically go to it. In this map you can learn to get used to the controls of the game and move about. However, once you leave you will not be able to rejoin the tutorial map.

Screen Shot of an Area of the Tutorial Map

• The Beast Forest (This is my translation, I’m not sure what ijji uses)
In the Northern area, there is a village called Belthen (Not sure of English spelling), in the Western area there is the village of Tringle, in the Eastern are there is the town Welthen which is made up of 3 small towns. In the outer parts of the villages and towns there are such things as the Zapil lake, the forests entrance, and the alchemist road. But there is one are used as a dungeon called the “Beasts Cave.”

Screen Shot of the Beast Forest


The village of Tringel was established by an unknown small tribe which shortly disappeared in history. The remains of the city was fortified by the allied forces of Roshuel. However, the value of Tringel cannot be underestimated

[1]Kerden (Crafting)
[2]Isloge (Enhancement)
[3]Harte (Berserker Store)
[4]Clay (Valkyrie Store)
[5]Lauren (Battle Zone)
[6]Dwayne (General Store)
[7]Waterain (Elementalist Store)
[8]Pavka (Dragon Knight Store)
[9]Yibet (Battle Zone)
[10]Private Shop Bulletin
[11]Emelda (Valkyrie Store)
[12]Nomer (Berserker Store)
[13]Bjorn (Storage)
[14]Rosenfelt (Expeditionary Mage)
[15]Private Shop Bulletin
[16]Ralph (Storage)
[17]Schtor (General Store)
[18]Belita (Battle Zone)
[19]Alon Khater (Librarian)
[20]Sena (Battle Zone)
[21]Walchen (Mercenary Guild Member)
[22]Aria (Guild Manager)
[23]Laman (General Store)
[24]Drayan (Dragon Knight Store)
[25]Mino (Elementalist Store)
[26]Ranthartz (Tringel Branch Senator)


Welthen is known as the far east of the continent where few people come and go and the stronghold of Valkyries and Shadows.
Welthen, located in the center of the forest filled with spiritual animals and the tree spirits, has long been an army post where the Revolution forces were stationed.
Igness, who sensed the recent suspicious acts of the empire, came to believe it is inevitable to increase the number of Revolution forces and enhance its fighting efficiency and obtains the consent from the tribal representatives.
However, Igness is dissatisfied only by increasing the army force. She has begun to point out Welthen as even a bigger problem that the village is too small for accommodate the now enhanced army force both in terms of the size and quality.

[1]Mystel (Elementalist Store)
[3]Avis (Dragon Knight Store)
[4]Enas (Valkyrie Store)
[5]Luz (Berserker Store)
[6]Helga (Battle Zone)
[7]Matti (Storage)
[8]Hobin (Crafting)
[9]Wilot (Enhancement)
[10]Private Shop Bulletin
[11]Berta (Battle Zone)
[13]Udo (General Store)
[15]Irhanna (Clan Member)
[16]Private Shop Bulletin
[17]Rante (Waldchen Branch Senator)
[18]Ares (Guild Manager)
[19]Kornix (Dragon Knight Store)
[20]Serr (Elementalist Store)
[21]Siebold (General Store)
[22]Peniche (Valkyrie Store)
[23]Dorr (Storage)
[24]Reese (Berserker Store)
[25]Anse (Enhancement)
[26]Guirandor (Craft)
[27]Adeline (Battle Zone)

• Ethren’s Underground Canal
Ethren is a town that is in a canal underground. The whole area is like a dungeon. Those coming from Tringle village through the “Unfinished Memorial Hall” have to be lvl 15, and those coming from the connecting “Mysterious Canal” have to be above lvl 20 to enter them.

Screen Shot of Ethren's Underground Canal

The Frozen Palace
To get here you have to go through the town of Ethren but you need to be lvl 30 or higher to get to the palace which then becomes a big field

Screen Shot of the Frozen Palace Area

Money System

Using the below money/shopping system composed for 4 parts below, you can strengthen your weapons and defence.

• Synthesizing Items
You can talk to merchant shop keeper and with the money gotten from quests and using raw materials gathered you can ask them to make you accessories and enchantments.

• Enchantments
You have to talk to a merchant specializing in reinforcements, and you can increase the strength of the items you had made above. However, if you do this too much to your items they will become weaker in time.

• Ranking Up
If you again talk to a reinforcement merchant, and if you add on a item of the same level to the previously made equipment you can make it stronger.

• Cyrstalization
Talk to a reinforcement merchant and have him analyze your equipment to get it crystallized with garnet to make it stronger.


To make a guild you need to talk to a Guild Manager which is a special npc in a village. There are 3 requirements to make a guild. 1. The guild master can not be apart of any current guild. 2. The guild master must be over lvl 20. 3. The guild master must have 100,000 gold

Welthen Guild Manager NPC -> Eriss

Tringel Guild Manager NPC -> Ariss

Story Line)History of The Geist Empire

Soul of the Ultimate Nation PV


Under the reign of the Immortal Emperor, the Geist Empire has ruled the Brakion continent for half a millennium. Possessing the power of Ether, the Emperor uses dark energy to maintain control over the continent and his formidable armies.

The Emperor recruited the four commanders of his army from the tribes of his domain. These Commanders of the Imperial Army united the strongest powers on the continent: Demons, Dragons, Dark Knights, and the Undead. With the power of Ether to support them, no force can stand against the Emperor's Army.

Over time, the continued extraction of Ether impoverished the lands of Brakion, forcing the Emperor to turn his eyes to the rich lands of neighboring nations to continue his supremacy.

With insurrection inevitable, a rebel leader, Ignis, has formed an elite force called the Guidance, which has declared war against the Empire.
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Re: S.U.N online

Post  Yeti on Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:43 pm

2.3 GBs for a game is nothing. Anyways, how is it more mature than WoW?


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Re: S.U.N online

Post  Grand Fonic Hymn on Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:40 am

Look @ the spoiler
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Re: S.U.N online

Post  iParty on Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:12 am

Offtopic: lol game reminds me of 2moons
Online topic: seems like a good game got:
Seems like good chars
and looks like it has some sick looking skills xD
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Re: S.U.N online

Post  Grand Fonic Hymn on Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:20 am

The graphics look really good.
Better then wow :D.
This is really bad quality but here you go

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