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Post  Settler11 on Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:26 pm

My project is finally done and ready to download:

NOTE: You don't NEED it to PLAY!

It's around 600mb so I splitted it up into 2 parts.

1st part:
1st mirror = megaupload.com RIE5TR9Q
2nd mirror = 2shared.com/file/10021986/7147a25c/Wills-Projectpart1.html

2nd part:
1st mirror = megaupload.com SVMWZSG7
2nd mirror = 2shared.com/file/10022350/32a8531c/Wills-Projectpart2.html

Fixed Skills:
mediafire.com ?newoniluzvz
megaupload.com PEZ6OAEB

After downloading both parts you need to extract the files to the v62 folder.
or you can make a copy of the v62 folder and place the files into there.


Loading screen:
[WillMS Update 1.1] 714p34
Login screen:
[WillMS Update 1.1] 258nuvl
Channel Page:
[WillMS Update 1.1] T8olxx
Character page:
[WillMS Update 1.1] Ipzkts
Create char page:
[WillMS Update 1.1] 2ir9i5g
Transparent boxes:[b]
[WillMS Update 1.1] Vzg5yc
[b]Channel I guess?:

[WillMS Update 1.1] 2430sb7

- Rupi is brings you to Happyville.
1 NPC will give you the new chairs IF you have downloaded both patches.
1 NPC will give you some random Xmas items.
In Happyville there will be a Snowman spawner.

Therefore there will be a reward system for it sooo Enjoy. :]



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